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Cincinnati Bearcats Links Jump Off | April 6th

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Bearcats Nation takes a stab at the defensive line and the verdict should be more of the same. The starters are more or less set with Walter Stewart on the weak side, Jordan Stepp on the Nose, Camaron Beard at DT and Dan Giordano on the strong side. Some pieces of the rotation are coming back too, chief among them Brandon Mills. Those are five solid pieces to work with. The real task for Steve Strippling is to sort out a rotation. UC went 9 deep up front last year and would obviously like to stay nine deep. There is plenty of talent among them, Roney Lozano was impressive as a Freshman but red shirted last year. He should be a factor in the DT rotation. Another guy to look out for is Silverberry Mouhon. Strip loves his athleticism and how hard he plays. He red shirted last year to pack some weight onto the 230 pounds he reported to camp at. I understand that he is closer to 245 or 250. He is a guy to watch out for in the DE rotation. I don't know if this group will be able to go 9 deep from day one, but it is still one of the deepest units on the team. The defensive line should remain a strength-

Paul Dehner caught something that I missed about Derek Wolfe. Namely that Mel Keiper has Derek going to the New England Patriots in the first round of the draft in a couple of weeks. That makes a ton of sense for a couple of reasons the first being that Wolfe is the prototype for a 3-4 defensive end at 6'5" 300 pounds with athleticism. And as anyone watching the superbowl can attest the Patriots need someone other than Vince Wilfork to step up on the defensive line. If it comes to pass Wolfe would be the first UC first round pick in 41 years to go in the first round. A streak of ridiculous proportions. So something to root for come draft time-

This is little more than a variation on a theme at this point (Brahms would be appalled) but the quarterback "competition" is a "competition" in name only. And yes every mention of the Bearcats quarterback "competition" will be accompanied with sarcastic quotation marks until Butch Jones and Mike Bajakian drop the charade and admit what has been apparent for the better part of three weeks. This job is Munchie Legaux's and it will be barring injury or a slump in performance bordering on a catatonic state. By almost any conceivable metric Legaux is the better choice, and he is the better choice because he has played and Patrick Coyne and Brendon Kay have not.

There really isn't anything substantive from Adelson's interview with Munchie. He hits all the major bullet points, needs to/has developed better chemistry with the Wide Receivers. He's working on improving his accuracy, views the "competition" as a good thing. The only point he didn't make that I would have like to be made is that he is working hard on his footwork. Still this is a picture of a guy with confidence in complete control of his situation. Hardly a bad thing-

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