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Notes On Tommy Tuberville's Conference Call

Quick news and notes from today's AAC conference call with Tommy Tuberville.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

-- Opening thoughts: lamented the lack of intensity early on in the Miami game. The Bearcats had five players who started the Toledo game who did not play against Miami. That isn't true, only Deyshawn Bond, Cory Keebler and Adrian Witty missed the Miami game among Toledo starters.

-- Is really impressed with the depth of athletic ability of Ohio State. Very complimentary of T.J. Barrett. Really need to clean up the mental mistakes from the first two weeks.

-- Has an interesting history with Jim Tressel that I didn't know about. The coaching profession is a very small world with a lot of connections that often go unreported or commented on that are nonetheless surprising.

-- Didn't feel that Gunner Kiel improved from week 1 to week 2. Obviously its hard to improve on such a dominating debut performance.

-- Tuberville doesn't think that the size of Ohio Stadium will be a factor once the game is played. The Bearcats communication is all non verbal, and has been throughout the Eddie Gran era. I would imagine that it will take a series or two to get used to the volume, but after that its business as usual.