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Cincinnati Bearcats Release Depth Chart for Louisville Contest

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The Bearcats have released the depth chart for the annual Keg of Nails contest. Much like the Miami depth chart there are not a lot of surprises. The two deep on Offense hasn't changed at all since the Akron game. However on the defensive side of the equation there is slightly more intrigue.

  • The starting offensive line will remain unchanged for the 6th straight game. Keep in mind that UC used 4 different starting combinations in 2010.
  • Akise Teague is still on the two deep at Running Back despite not having played since the Akron game
  • The two deep on the defensive line hasn't changed at all in 2011
  • Ben Pooler and Nick Temple are still listed in competition for the SAM. Temple started the N.C. State contest and UC started the Miami game in Nickle with Maalik Bomar and J.K. Schaffer as the backers. My guess is that Temple will start against Louisville.
  • Deven Drane and Dominique Battle continue to compete for the Boundary Corner job. Battle started the Miami game, but they continue to rotate by series, and occasionally on every other play. 
  • Danny Milligan has moved into the two deep as a punt returner.

The two deep is posted below



Also the game notes are available in their entirety here.