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Cincinnati Bearcats 25 Louisville Cardinals 16 I Have Grown Quite Fond of this Keg

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The start to this post is the same one as the Miami post game post. A win is a win, not matter how ugly. And make no mistake this was an ugly game. But this is also the kind of game that a team with Big East Title aspirations has to win. The Bearcats did just that, and whats more they did it with defense. Louisville scored 16 points, but the defense didn't allow a TD and the points came via three field goals and a terrible throw from Zach Collaros that Louisville accepted with glee and dutifuly returned for a touchdown. The key stats are this. Louisville gained just 78 yards in the second half, the vast majority of them coming on the last drive of the game with the outcome decided. On the day the Cards gained an average of 4.1 yards per play. The bottom line is that the defense bought the offense time to get on track, which the eventually did. I am happy with the win, but I have ongoing concerns about the offense and their slow starts. Stay tuned to Down The Drive for continuing coverage of the Bearcats win.