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West Virginia Mountaineers 24 Cincinnati Bearcats 21 | All Is Not Lost

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The University of Cincinnati just lost a game of Football to the West Virginia University. That is the barest and most essential fact about what transpired today. The game was a taught down to the wire affair with many twists and turns and talking points galore. The biggest talking point of all is the injury to Zach Collaros. Zach was carted off the field in the second quarter and returned later in street clothes and crutches. I have a feeling that the tone of the media this week will be "OMG, you guys don't have Collaros anymore, what are you going to do now." There might also be things like "You can't possibly win out without Zach"  said. Meanwhile the obvious fact missed by most everyone I have heard from and talked to is that this team has already moved on. Munchie Legaux is the quarterback now, and UC is imminently capable of winning the games required to win the Big East. The fact is that UC can win games with Munchie as the quarterback, and we know this because he came into the game and looked rocky at the start. But in the second half he played very well and damn near delivered a comeback for the ages in incredible fashion. UC's coaches are not idiots, they did very well adapting on the fly to Munchie's skill set. Zach Collaros is a great player who's spot in the pantheon of great UC QB's is pretty much set. But if you haven't noticed yet he isn't the best player on this offense anymore. Isaiah Pead is still alive and kicking. Losing to WVU sucks, I hate it, always do. But losing this game doesn't take any of the goals off the table. This team still has the inside track to the Big East crown. Still has a game up on everyone. And still has the talent and ability to run the rest of the table. That's the storyline that no one will talk about this week, but that doesn't make it any less true.

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