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June 1st Jump Off

Bearcat News

Cincinnati could change up practice - Big East Blog - ESPN
Can't say I'm opposed to this idea, as long as it can be executed correctly. Coach Jones is thinking about splitting the team into Group A and Group B. Group A players would practice for 2 hours, then Group B would come to practice when Group A was finished. It's a great idea to get more reps for all players (and they need as many as they can get), but it puts a huge strain on the coaches who are essentially working double shifts.

UC/Princeton product Josh Harrison helps Bucs beat Mets in his big league debut | |
In his Major League debut last night, former Bearcat Josh Harrison went 2-for-4 with an RBI and a run scored. The RBI was especially important as it scored the game-tying run for the Pirates in the 8th. He scored later in the inning along with Jose Tabata to put the Pirates up. It was a lead they wouldn't relinquish.

Women's Basketball Welcomes Buzz Smith to Bearcats Family - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Video is up over on covering the adoption ceremony of 11 year old Buzz Smith. It's a heartwarming story and worth the read.

Around the BEast

Holgorson better be on best behavior - Big East Blog - ESPN
Agreed. HolgorSEN, while a great offensive mind, isn't exactly doing his resume justice by getting into so many off-field incidents around the state. What's even more surprising is how WVU fans on the board are gnashing their teeth at Andrea Adelson for the article. Yea, THIS is what they got upset over and not that their HC-in-waiting is a drunken, gambling clown.

Louisville begins offseason work - Big East Blog - ESPN
Louisville began their offseason work Tuesday morning as they bring in a very talented recruiting class. No question Coach Strong is a solid recruiter with his SEC background, but it remains to be seen if he can develop players in his program and not rely on a huge senior class. From the looks of it, he has Louisville in a position to be a power in 2012 and beyond but as far as 2011 is concerned, I think it will be a step backwards.

Sports not breaking DePaul's bank - Sports - The DePaulia - The student newspaper of DePaul University
Even beyond the statement that the Blue Demons' arena is half-full during games (try 20% at most), it seems to point the finger at DePaul students and lack of donations. Maybe if they didn't play in an arena 10 miles away near O'hare or not hire (and resign)cheap, ineffective coaches, they would be able to get the student base and alumni excited enough to give the program some of their money and time. College Football - TCU eyes another storybook season
TCU has gotten to the point in their program where they no longer rebuild after a historic season, they reload. Although they lost Andy Dalton, they're still a force to be reckoned with in the Mountain West. I for one have already counted them as members of the Big East and will be rooting for them to win each and every game next year.

Around the Nation

Rivals High - The most hyped basketball recruits of all-time
Cool read over on Rivals about the most hyped high school basketball recruits of all time and how they lived up to it. Despite never winning a title, LeBron tops the list both from the hype and from all of the awards he has won during the season. Can't really argue with their choice.

Atlanta Thrashers sold to True North, moving to Winnipeg - ESPN
For all of you hockey buffs out there (like me), looks like the NHL is leaving Atlanta and heading back to Canada. Winnipeg will once again have a NHL team, which begs the question once again, where the hell is Winnipeg?

NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat's defense makes difference in Game 1 - ESPN
The Heat took Game 1 last night and, honestly, did you expect anything different? Not to take away anything from the Mavericks, but the Heat haven't lost a single game at home in the playoffs this year. On top of that, LeBron James and Co. played stellar defense last night. Mavericks have to find some way to take Game 2 or the series could get away from them. The Heat are, well, white hot right now.