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Bennie Coney Evaluation

When I set out to examine the differences between Brian Kelly and Butch Jones I made one important note in terms of a prototype for Butch Jones's.

Jones on the hand does have an ideal QB type. I said it yesterday, and I will say it again now. Dan Lefevour is the  guy for Jones offensive system. He is big, has a strong arm and though he is not a burner, he is eminently capable of defeating a defense with his legs.


Bennie Coney checks all the of Butch Jones's boxes in terms of what he wants from his quarterbacks in terms of a skill set. He has great footwork and can destroy a defense from the pocket, he has an arm that enables him to make all the throws in the playbook and he is mobile enough to run the zone read effectively. Coney is pretty much the perfect fit for the offense that Jones prefers to run. Given the coming departure of Zach Collaros and the fact that Coney is on track to graduate early from Plant City and enroll in January Coney should be in contention for the wide open QB derby next year along with Munchie Legaux, Jordan Luallen, Patrick Coyne and  Stephen Weatherford.