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Cincinnati Bearcats Recruiting Roundup | Butch Jones Picks Up Four Commitments

It has been a busy few days in the Bearcats War Room in the Lindner Center, that much is for certain. The Friday Night Lights. Over the last three days the Bearcats have picked up four commitments. Lots of stuff happening here. Lets start with the newest commitments. The first of the bunch was Javon Harrison a one time commitment to Toledo who jumped ship to the Bearcats after receiving an offer at Friday Night Lights.

Harrison plays Quarterback for Huber Heights, he took over the position when Braxton Miller moved on from Ohio State. Because of the way that Wayne utilizes there quarterbacks Harrison is as much a running back as a quarterback. Toledo was recruiting Harrison as a quarterback but will be a safety for the Bearcats. He has outstanding athletic ability and should be able to transition to defense pretty easily.

After Marcus Levy committed the next Bearcat target to pop was Isaiah Gourdine. Gourdine is a hybrid defender for Farmington High School in Michigan. He is ostensibly a safety but plays walked up at the line of scrimmage far more than he does in the tradition high safety role. That leads me to think that Gourdine is more likely to wind up as a nickle back for the Bearcats. Chris Williams plays that position essentially as a linebacker now. That is a role that Gourdine could thrive in and given the general shift towards hybrid defenses in the college game a player like Gourdine who has the ability to project to multiple positions down the line is valuable. The Bearcats weren't the only team to see that value Iowa and Indiana offered and Virginia Tech offered a grayshirt after a stellar camp in Blacksburg.

Lastly there is Anthony Green a defensive lineman from Lakeland Florida, Lake Gibson high school to be exact. That is the same school as one time rumored commitment Eric Carter. Carter wasn't a commitment, but is still a target of the Bearcats, one of the top targets on the board at receiver. In that sense the commitment of Green makes a lot of sense. But getting Green isn't about Carter, Green is a beast simply put. He isn't highly regarded by the recruiting services but I can't quite figure out why.

Green has a good first step but what really jumps out is his strength and its seems crazy to say for a 6'1" 250 pound guy. But its true, check out the play at the 50 second mark of the clip below where he chases down and pummels a receiver 40 yards down field. Much like Gourdine it is very hard to figure out Green will ply his trade at UC. He will most likely start out as a defensive end before moving inside. But if last year was any indication, a players given position has no impact on where he will make his impact on the field.

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