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April 14th Jump Off

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Spring Football

University of Cincinnati Official Athletic Site
A pretty in depth look at the secondary. I am a little concerned with the talk about Drew Frey being the rock of the secondary. He just isn't a BCS safety IMO. No amount of quality practice reps will erase the half a dozen catastrophic mental errors he made last year that resulted in opposition TD's.

More than half of Kelly’s 2009 UC recruiting class is gone | UC Athletics Blog
Took him about 6 months but Bill Koch has finally gotten around to the problems with Brian Kelly's recruiting.

Other Bearcat News

God’s Gift to make two more visits | UC Athletics Blog
Washington and St. John's are the schools. I have a feeling this comes down to UC and UW, but that's just me.

Bearcats Advance to Title Game of Nuxhall Classic - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
A wild pitch with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning gave the University of Cincinnati baseball team a 6-5 walk-off win over Xavier University in Tuesday's second game of the opening round of the Joe Nuxhall Classic at Marge Schott Stadium.

Around The Big East

Antwon Bailey ready to shine for Orange - Big East Blog - ESPN
Antwon Bailey was the change of pace back last year for the Orange. This year he will more than likely be the guy.

Villanova Football & The Big East: It's The Stadium - The Nova Blog
The problem with the Villanova move IMO has more to do with strategy than anything else. The Big East has tried to do this in Philadelphia before. It didn't work out and I have no reason to think trying a different school will change the result.

West Virginia Mountaineers Spring Practice Preview: Coaching - The Smoking Musket
A look at the current coaching staff for the Mountaineers. Its a weird, weird thing.

Tim Fuller will accept position with Mizzou - Card Chronicle
UofL goes down an assistant on Pitino's staff

Top Ten Moments From Pitt Basketball Season - SB Nation Pittsburgh
Title says it all, and then some.

Mike Burwell To Transfer From USF Basketball - Voodoo Five
Reserve guard Mike Burwell has decided to leave the USF basketball program.

Nationally Recognized

Did Cam Newton play in a "one read" passing offense at Auburn? | Smart Football
A more complete and thorough difference between the requirements of a college QB and an NFL QB can not be found anywhere else.

Cal coach Tosh Lupoi a reflection of his grandfather - ESPN
Tosh Lupoi is probably the best recruiter in College Football right now. The man has almost single handedly made Cal, yes Cal, a program with national recruiting cache.

Reading This Will Make You Smarter The Android and iOS War Is Not Mac vs Windows Part 2
In case you couldn't tell by some of the links I have posted in this spot in recent weeks I am fascinated by the budding rivalry between the iPhone and the droid army.

Why Lionel Messi Is The Great One of Soccer -
Lionel Messi is the greatest athlete on the planet right now. No other person is so transcendent om their sport of choice. The gap between him and the field is astounding. Messi and his Barcelona squad aren't indicative of the way the game is played in general, but if you can't enjoy that squad and this genius of a player you don't have a soul.