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June 30th Jump Off

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Remember to submit your choices for the Down the Drive Ring of Honor! You can submit up to 3 players who you think should join the Bearcats elite. You have until July 10th to submit your nominees.

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Can you say 'Rookie of the Year pt.2'? (via mikeofficialsports)

Let's do it...

Bearcat News

Cronin looks for better things from Parker | UC Athletics Blog
Cronin wasn't messing around in this interview with Koch. Maybe he's as pissed off about Koch's lack of reporting over the past couple of months as I am, but he didn't hold back any punches when speaking about Jaquon Parker. Most of us were extremely disappointed to see the drop off from Parker's freshman to sophomore season, as hopes of him blossoming into the next great Bearcat seemed to dim last year. He had a few good games but by and large was a nonfactor in 2010. Cronin claims it was his lack of effort between those seasons and I'm glad he held Parker accountable. Mick has praised Parker for his offseason this time around which should earn him more playing time this year, as long as he can knock down the open jump shot. He better get his act in gear because there's an extremely talented freshman class coming in that wants playing time as well.

Upset alert! These guys have UC beating Tennessee 34 to 23 next season. It's so hard to judge this game as both teams are full of young, improving players and are lead by coaching staffs in their 2nd season at the helm. Regardless of the rebuilding effort at Tennessee, the Vols are still the Vols with SEC talent. Cincinnati could have its hands full with them but as long as they play like the Oklahoma-game Bearcats and not the South Florida-game Bearcats, we could easily see them walk out of Neyland Stadium with a W.

Big East position rankings: Running back - Big East Blog - ESPN
Independent of how well the O-Line performs, the Bearcats have the most dangerous RBs in the Big East next season. We all know how good Pead can be if he can improve his pass protection, hold onto the ball, and develop some consistency each and every game. Add the the fact that Darrin Williams is back and, while prone to injuries, provides some veteran leadership for the hotshot tandem of Poteat and Teague. Don't forget about Ralph David Abernathy, too, who is built in a similar mold as Teague. This strength at running back will go a long way to making sure the Bearcat offensive machine works on all cylinders.

Around the BEast

Fortune Favors the Bold: Randy Edsall and the 2010 UConn Huskies - Big East Coast Bias
Big East Coast Bias recaps one of the most memorable plays from the Big East football season and one that potentially sent the careers of two Big East coaches in opposite directions. It was the 4th and 1 running play Randy Edsall of UConn called on his own 19 yard line against the Pitt Panthers. It was a play that began a memorable season for the Huskies as they eventually won the conference (although USF blew the game against them) and went on to a BCS bowl. Meanwhile, the Stache, as cartoonish of a character that he is, would end up being ousted at Pitt.

Gabbert's move to Louisville is a bold one - Card Chronicle
So Tyler Gabbert is officially transfering to Louisville. As Card Chronicle writes, this is certainly a bold one for a few reasons. First of all, he's transitioning from a spread, west-coast offensive of Missouri to the run-first Louisville scheme that utilizes a strong running game to set up the passing game. Secondly, he's joining a team that is trending towards super-frosh Teddy Bridgewater taking the helm sometime this year and throughout the rest of his career as a Cardinal. Despite his talent, Bridgewater is unproven at the college level and it's tough to say how he will perform at this level. Gabbert has the experience of spending more time in a college program, which could work to his advantage.

Around the Nation

Simply Saturday - ESPN
Here's ESPN's countdown of the 50 most disappointing college football players who careers basically tanked once they got to the NFL. It's crazy to see how some of these players are so heralded and built up in college by the media, football analysts, and NFL teams and simply can't figure it out in pro football. As of this Jump Off, they're still working through the list to check back in the next coupld of days as they wrap it up.

Mark Shurtleff seeking to assemble BCS-busting legal team | Deseret News
It appears Mark Shurtleff's one goal in life is the complete dismantling of the BCS. I wonder if him being a BYU grad and the fact that the Utah Utes were invited (and accepted) into the Pac-12 have anything to do with it. Anyways, thank god all of Utah's problems are solved that he can take his time to focus on a college sports system. He's getting serious about it, though, but assembling a legal team to take down the money-making giant by citing antitrust laws (which isn't going to work). Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame while you can, Mark.