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November 10th Jump Off

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Yes, this is a gif of Silvio Burlesconi and Houston Nutt as Kid N' Play. Don't ask why, just enjoy

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West Virginia Week

Butch Jones' impact? Check Antonio Brown //
There is a reason that its really hard to find someone with a bad word to say about Butch Jones. He has always gone to battle for his guys.

Mountaineers Lack Excitement, Support on Game Day // WVU Mountaineer Sports

This may sound like a simple plan moving forward, but in speaking with members of the Mountaineers squad Tuesday evening, it is clear that support for each other has been an issue. One of the biggest messages in team meetings and on the practice field this week has been for the offense to outwardly show excitement toward the defense and for the defense to do the same toward the offense.

That doesn't sound good. Also there is a good bit in here for chest bump aficionados

With Backs Against the Wall, WVU Must Have Sense of Urgency // WVU Mountaineer Sports

"This is the situation that we did not want to be in," Defensive End Bruce Irvin said. "Me and Julian and the rest of the seniors, we talked about this after the NC State game last year. We want to be able to control our own destiny. We don't want to have to depend on Louisville to lose or Cincinnati."

Motivation // Hail WV

Saturday at noon we may see the team we expected to see all season. If we do Cincy will take a massive beatdown. If not it’s back to the Motivational blackboard for coach. I think the fellas will be ready hit somebody. Hard.

There is the classic levelheadedness we have all come to expect from WVU fans. They never get beat, everyone else gets lucky

Hide your Couches! Mountaineer Nation is Coming to Town. // Bearcats Nation

If there is one crux of the West Virginia offense it’s the linemen and that’s not saying much. The Mountaineers have allowed 16 sacks this season which is middle of the pack nationally. I’ll get the actually keys to this game on Friday but (spoiler alert!) one of them is hitting Geno Smith whether it be a sack or even after the ball is thrown. Syracuse wrote the book on shutting down Holgorsen’s offense a few weeks ago and in that game Orange players were constantly knocking down Smith whether or not he had the ball in his hands. WVU’s offensive line looked porous against the Orange’s pass rush and the Mountaineer’s offense looked out of sorts all night as a result. In that game, Syracuse sacked Smith four times and in the Louisville game last Saturday the Cardinals sacked him three times. Both games resulted in Mountaineer losses so it doesn’t take a genius to know what this defense needs to do to succeed on Saturday.

"Must Win" Games and the 3-3-5 // Hail WV

When the fans designate a game "must win" and the team loses, all kinds of havoc ensues. In the case of the Mountaineers a familiar refrain is heard through out the mountains and hollows. "Fire Casteel!" " scrap the 3-3-5!" Before we go further let me say I support Coach Casteel. I am also a realist. If Coach needs to go then so be it. Just make damn sure it is for the right reasons. Coach got the job done when Rod was here. The worst loss in WVU history and a lost chance at a National Championship the opponent score 13 frigging points. 13 points and a offensive guru could only manage 9. Coach got the job done when Stew was here. No way he goes 9-4 for 3 seasons without Coach Casteel with that anemic offense. He can get the job done now. Maybe.

Any opposing coach would be thrilled to see WVU drop the 3-3-5

Isaiah Pead improves all-around game // Big East Blog // ESPN

Pead certainly has been a handful to bring down this season. When asked for an evaluation of the running back, West Virginia linebacker Doug Rigg said, "He's an explosive player. You have to account for him. A lot of teams we've played say he was the best running back they played against."

The other thing is that Isaiah never gives up on plays, even when he should. Call it the Zach Collaros disease

UC's Tony Miliano kicks into gear //

Tony Miliano, who is tied for the Big East lead in field goal percentage, forms half of a duo that has given UC the best kicking game in the league. He has made 12 of 15 field goal attempts with a long kick of 48 yards.

The return game is a borderline disaster, but Pat O'Donnell and Milano have been stellar

WVU Football Player Interviews: Cincinnati Week // WVU Mountaineer Sports

Northern Kentucky Round Up

Cincinnati v NKU Recap by Bucky Cooper // Bearcats Blog

Yancy Gates: Is determined. Motivated. Inspired. Whatever verb you want to use, this guy finally gets it. I kind of feel bad for people that go up against him this year. I don’t care about his stat line in games like this, even though he had a nice line of 19 points along with 8 boards. He’s hustling, playing solid defense, and most importantly being a vocal leader on the court. I expect Yancy to lead this team to great things in the 2011-2012 basketball season.

The Morning After: UC 66, NKU 54 // Paul Dehner

"Some of my concerns about our season reared their head tonight because we don't really have a perimeter guy who views himself as a dirty-work guy," Cronin said in his opening statement. "Both our perimeter guys had seven turnovers and they each had one more rebound than John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. That's not going to get it."

UC’s freshmen still feeling their way // UC Athletics Blog

Ge'Lawn Guyn scored three points with two rebounds. Sanders was scoreless, missing two 3-point shots and failing to grab a rebound. The player who seems most at ease so far is Guyn, who could grow into a capable backup for Cashmere Wright at point guard. Sanders is said to be a prolific scorer with a great feel for the game. He should get better with more experience.

Guyn is showing his age, he will turn 21 before the start of conference play.


Taft defensive lineman Adolphus Washington will take an official visit to UC this weekend // High School Sports Blog

Taft senior defensive lineman Adolphus Washington will take an official visit to UC this weekend, according to Taft coach Mike Martin. Washington, who is 6 feet 4 and 260 pounds, is considering schools that include UC, Ohio State, Alabama and Michigan State, according to Martin.

Really long odds on Washington or Dwayne Stanford signing with UC. Washington seems headed for the land of probation, AKA Ohio State

Around The Big East

Ranking the Big East: Forwards // Bearcats Blog
Ambitious attempt from Scott

Big East awards tracker // Big East Blog // ESPN
Butch Jones is the leader for Coach of the Year

Reading This Will Make You A Hacker With A Sense of Humor (Not Really)

Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz //

It wasn’t until I downloaded and listened to Lulz: A corruption of LOL’s second album, Corruption, that I grasped what Anonymous really is. It’s a culture. It takes cultures to have albums, idioms, and iconography, and I was swimming in these and more. Anonymous is a nascent and small culture, but one with its own aesthetics and values, art and literature, social norms and ways of production, and even its own dialectic language.