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Bearcats Get 6 Seed, Draw Missouri

Well, it could have been worse. UC locked up a bid to the big dance a couple of weeks ago. All that was left to figure out was what the seed would be, who they would draw and where they would play. Tonight supplied those answers. The Bearcats are a 6 seed and will play against the 11th seeded Tigers of Missouri on Thursday in Washington DC at a time and on a Network to be announced at a later date. This should be a pretty interesting match up because of the two contrasting styles of play that will be put on display in front of the entire nation. UC tries to grind people into submission with relentless defense and a slow and steady offensive approach. Missouri on the other hand is all tempo all the time. They play at one of the fastest paces in the nation and rarely if ever go deep into the shot clock. It should be a great match up and I for one can't wait for Thursday to get here. Stay tuned to DTD in the run up to the game as I will have a series of posts going up to preview the game, the tournament and the phenomenon that is March Madness in general. Meanwhile head over to Rock M Nation and get to know the Tiger fans. They are good people, I can't imagine any group of people that can get Ron Fucking Swanson to write for them would be anything less than stellar.