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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | April 19th

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Bill Connolly from Football Study Hall has a rough draft of his pre season F/+ projections out. It isn't terribly important to know what the formula is behind the projections. Just know that it is slightly more detail orientated than most you see at this time of year which are guesses at best.

The Bearcats are at 44 which sounds about right to me from the vantage point of April. For what it's worth UC is 4th among Big East schools with South Florida at 25, Rutgers at 40 and Pitt at 41. Everyone's pre season pick to win the league, Louisville is at 50--

One big bit of Alumni News is that the Sacramento Kings are honoring the Big O for his triple double season which happened 50 years ago. I know that Robertson is a thorny figure. His impact is undeniable but he can be difficult. I suppose difficult is putting it mildly. But I can't imagine anyone going through what he had to endure at Cincinnati and with the Royals where he could never quite get over that Warriors/Celtics hump.

Probably the most interesting thing about Robertson's tripple double season is this. He finished 3rd in the MVP voting that year. You know who was second? Wilt Chamberlain and his legendary 50-25 season. The winner? Bill Russell, winning his third, and second in a row, averaging 18-23-4. That's a trivia question to make some money on--

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Baseball got a 6-5 win over Ohio State in Columbus...the women's golf team has a decidedly Scandinavian flavor...Adrien Robinson became the third Bearcat to visit the Steelers...a quick scouting look at Isaiah Pead...UConn is down a backup tailback with D.J. Shoemate calling it a career due to injuries...Arkansas is nearing an end to their coaching cluster kerfuffle...Cal is made a massive bet on renovating their stadium and its in the process of blowing up in their face...not remotely a sports story but a great story...One explaination of why Mad Men exists My reason why I am happy Mad Men exists.

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