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Rolling Through The Roster | 34 Yancy Gates

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Yancy Gates 34 6'9" 260 F SR

Last Year

In many respects the 2010-11 season was the most productive in Gates career. His numbers weren't significantly better than either his freshman or sophomore seasons. But after his suspension and reinstatement, along with a bit of drama, in early February conspired to light a fire under the enigmatic big man. Down the stretch of the season Gates was active, interested, and a driving force in moving UC from the fringes of the NCAA tournament to a 6 seed.


A big reason why everyone is expecting a lot out of UC this year is that Yancy Gates is back. The presumption is that the guy who tore up the Big East in late February and March will be coming back, not the streaky version of previous seasons. All indications are that Gates has busted his butt and is in great shape with a great attitude this year. Gates has one season to fulfill his potential and leave a lasting legacy. He seems to know that, and from my perspective that's a great thing.