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Shaq Thomas To Redshirt

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In non world collapsing news the ongoing Shaq Thomas saga has been resolved. Thomas the Freshman from New Jersey ran into a spot of bother when his prep school NIA Prep came under NCAA scrutiny back in August. All of the players from NIA appealed the NCAA suspensions. Today UC got word back on the appeal. Thomas will basically be given a mandatory red shirt year in 2011. He will be allowed to practice in mid December, but he will not be eligible until next fall. Also he will be on scholarship even when he is not a member of the team. So all in all not that bad. Thomas is generally regarded as the most talented of the incoming freshmen, bestowed with four star status by rivals and scout. But he is also a guy who could use a good year in the weight room because he is rail thin right now. His offensive flair would have been a bonus for this years Bearcats. But with Sean Kilpatrick, Yancy Gates, Dion Dixon and Cashmere Wright suiting up this year the offense should still be fine.