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TCU is Big 12 Bound

hey thanks for the drive by (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
hey thanks for the drive by (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The implications of this are terrible for the University of Cincinnati on both fronts. TCU's defection from the Big East weakens the hand of the Big East substantially. The only way for the conference to survive is to basically become Conference USA 2.0, which is needless to say not exactly the best of all worlds. On the other side of things this could be the death knell for the UC to the Big 12 line of thought. There are finite spots available in a new look Big 12, and it still really all depends on Missouri. If the Tigers stay the indications are that the Big 12 will be happy to use TCU to replace Texas A&M and stay at 12. If Mizzou goes the theory is that they will add three to get back to 12. For the record, Mizzou was not invited to vote, a move that all but calcifies the divorce. So three more schools will be getting the call from Chuck Nienas and the names that consistently come up are Brigham Young, Louisville, and West Virginia. UC falls into line after that group in almost every single report on the matter. There has been a ton of speculation that UofL has pushed behind the scenes for WVU and UC to be brought in as a package deal. From all I have heard that is true. But no one is really in a position of power sufficient to dictate terms other than the Big 12. So if the Big 12 decides that they want the Cards and Neers, but not UC, neither of them will turn down the offer to bring things along. My reading of the situation is that the only way UC gets the call is if BYU declines the offer, which is unlikely to happen, so yeah. Welcome back to Conference USA Bearcat Fans.