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Meet The New Bearcats: Ralph David Abernathy IV



Name Ralph David Abernathy IV
Height 5'7"
Weight 165
Position RB
40 Time 4.4
School The Westminster Schools
State GA
Rivals *** 5.5
Scout ** #131 RB
ESPN 77 *** #61 RB
24/7 75 **


In truth any discussion of Ralph David Abernathy IV, from here on in known as RAD4, has to start with his name. If you have spent any time at all studying the Civil Rights movement the name Ralph David Abernathy should be familiar to you.

After all, the player's grandfather, the late Ralph David Abernathy, was quite a game-changer himself as history books note. Not on the football field, mind you, but in something far more significant - the Civil Rights movement.

In fact, that's stating it mildly.

Abernathy was, as many recall, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s right-hand man. The men organized marches and sit-ins to protest racial discrimination in the 1950s and '60s. They faced threats together. And even shared jail cells.

Abernathy is part of one of the most prominent families in Georgia and his surname adorns countless streets, libraries and sundry other edifices throughout the south. There is no shortage of stories detailing his families lineage. 


Ralph David Abernathy, IV (via mcm220com)

RAD4 is the definition of a quarkback. He is small but fast and quick in every direction. At his size if anyone gets a direct hit on him it is bad news bears. But because of his lateral quickness and body control it is very difficult to get a direct hit on him. He can dip his hips or take a stutter step to throw the defenders off balance so that all they can deliver is a glancing blow. He has good hands and probably has the inherent ability to operate in the slot if circumstances dictate. The best thing about RAD4 is his ability to outrun pursuit angles. That is a rare ability.


Abernathy is a shoe in to take a red shirt year. UC signed three running backs in last years class and Jameel Poteat and Akise Teague are both likely to be fixtures in the two deep throughout the year. RAD4 has a very similar skill set to Teague. But he is about 20 pounds lighter and with a more significant injury history. Abernathy was bothered by an ankle injury for most of 2010. So a year in the weight room would serve him well personally, it would also balance out the running backs in terms of classes. It's generally not a great idea to carry more than 2 RB's in the same class unless you are Georgia Tech or something.