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May 31st Jump Off

Bearcat News

Tony Campana - Chicago Cubs Blog - ESPN Chicago
Former Bearcat Tony Campana stole four (4) bases last night for the Cubs and stole third base twice. This on only ONE hit! He's definitely earning a spot on the roster from speed alone. Let's hope he keeps tearing it up for the rest of the season, except against my Redlegs, of course.

Cincinnati Bearcats Coaches Caravan, presented by City Barbeque - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Don't miss Bearcat coaches Butch Jones, Mick Cronin, Jamelle Elliott, Brian Cleary, Michelle Salmon, and more in their annual Coaches Caravan in June.

Recruiting - Many recruits not fazed by Tressel news
The resignation of Tressel will have a minimal effect on UC's recruiting. Not only is the O$U brand strong enough to recruit for itself, but Coach Butch Jones and Co. are focusing their efforts heavily in Indiana, the Southeast, and Florida. I think the Bearcats will have a better chance at an O$U-leaning prospect than before, but they will still have to compete with Michigan, Michigan St., Penn St., Notre Dame, etc. for those recruits.

Around the BEast

Time for Marinatto to deliver - Big East Blog - ESPN
No shit Marinatto needs to pull the trigger on the right school for expansion and get the Big East a solid media deal next year (at least $15 million per football school). The Big East is still incredibly unstable compared to the other AQ conferences and Marinatto needs to correct that in the next year to garner a good deal.

Memphis, Louisville poised to start home-and-home basketball series »
Can't wait to see this match-up! While I'd love to see UC and Memphis go at it again, a series between Louisville and Memphis is the next best thing and makes the most sense.

Your Roundup of the Jim Tressel Firing Resignation

Jim Tressel's resignation leaves the Ohio State Buckeyes with a tarnished legacy - ESPN
Sure he was 9-1 against Michigan and won a national title, but Jim Tressel's legacy is forever tarnished by his behavior and the story doesn't end with his resignation. His actions will affect O$U football for the years to come as they have still to hear of the NCAA's punishment, need to hire a new head coach (who will, by the way, be held to lofty standards), and have to clean up their image.

Jim Tressel's resignation shifts blame away from Ohio State - Andy Staples -
The much anticipated SI article that discusses the events leading up to his dismissal. I think it's interesting that he resigned just hours before the article was released.

Jim Tressel couldn't survive as head coach of Ohio State Buckeyes - ESPN
It was only a matter of time before Jim Tressel came falling off of his high horse. The press conference between Tressel, O$U president Gordon Gee, and AD Gene Smith was a complete mockery as all three were basically laughing in the face of the NCAA.

Around the Nation

Report: NCAA launches separate probe of Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor - ESPN
Now that the Jim Tressel era is over, O$U and the NCAA are turning their attention to the head-honcho of the Tattoo-5, Terrelle Pryor. More specifically, they are investigating into whether or not he received cars.

The Professor and the Pornographer - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Really interesting story about how Professor David Eisenbach and Larry Flynn (Yes, that Larry Flynn) worked together on a book about the sex lives of the American presidents. Beyond that, how those relationships affected the outcomes of elections, presidential decision making, and public approval.