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June 2nd Jump Off

Bearcat News

Cincinnati-Ohio State is a forgotten rivalry in need of revival - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
This is an annual rivalry game that has to happen. I blame Ohio State for this. Since, getting beaten in 2 national title games in the 60's, O$U has only played UC one time, and it was the year after Huggins was fired and the team was a mess. Blame Bob Goin for approaching Ohio State, but also blame the Buckeyes for choosing the most opportune time for them to schedule the game that would be the best chance at an O$U win.

Niemer Reflects On Successful First Pro Season - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Losing Stephanie Niemer to the pros leaves the Bearcats Womens Volleyball team with big shoes to fill. But, for Stephanie, it's great to hear she is doing so well in Puerto Rico- Hell, just getting paid to play for a team in the Carribean is amazing in-and-of-itself. Between leading her team in aces and guiding her team to the playoffs, she's still working out like crazy to reach the European circuit.

University of Cincinnati Official Athletic Site
Paul Dehner over on goes over the numbers surrounding teams that have returned double-digit starters in the past. Overall, whether it be offense or defense, teams show an average ranking improvement of 8.2. The numbers bode well for UC but there were outliers in his numbers like North Texas's offense who returned 10 starters in 2010 and slipped 27 spots and Washington who, despite Jack Locker's return along with 9 other starters on offense, slipped 14 slots. Let's hope UC isn't grouped in with those two schools.

Recruiting Kimbrow has three on top
More on outstanding Memphis running back Brian Kimbrow. He lists UC among his top-3 along with Vanderbilt and Auburn. He seems to really like the coaching staff and is expected to visit sometime in June or July.

Around the BEast

Regionals Preview Part I -
3 Big East teams made the NCAA tournament- UConn was tabbed as a #2 seed in the Clemson bracket, Seton Hall, as Big East tournament champs, claim the #3 seed in the TAMU bracket, and St. John's got the #3 seed in the Virginia bracket. Other schools of note: TCU is the #1 seed in their bracket, ECU is the #2 seed in the Virginia bracket, and UCF is the #2 seed in the Florida State bracket.

Now the sun seems to be rising on Big East | The Courier-Journal |
Eric's right. The Big East has a bright outlook for the future. In the past year, the conference has made the right moves: Invited TCU, not accept Villanova for football, and not accept the initial ESPN football deal. There are still quite a few problems in the conference and questions that have yet to be answered, but it seems like for first time in a while, the Big East's future looks bright.

Pitt gets in shape for no huddle - Big East Blog - ESPN
The no huddle isn't something that can be taught overnight and can be tough to learn. And when a team such as Pitt that is transitioning from a run-first, pass-second offense, it can be even tougher. I think Pitt takes a step back this season as they try to adjust to the new offense and will finish in the lower half of the conference.

Around the Nation

Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor driving privileges suspended in Ohio - ESPN
What kind of a moron drives a car with the dealership temporary plate tags during investigations of O$U athletes receiving cars from dealerships and leaves in said car from a meeting with Coach Tressel when there are tons of cameras and reporters around? Oh, and while on a suspended license? Terrelle Pyror, that's who. What a fucking idiot.

Shaquille O'Neal announces his retirement after 19 seasons - ESPN Boston
Never really been that big into the NBA since I lived in Cincy all my life and grew up around college basketball. Hell, the closest team was the Indianapolis Pacers and there's no way in hell I would be caught rooting for that franchise. But hearing that Shaq is retiring is definitely going make me miss watching him play, no matter how little it was. Even more so, it makes me feel really really old.

Spurrier proposes paying players a weekly stipend - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
While the fact that an SEC coach wants to pay his players makes sense and I get a chuckle out of the whole notion it, paying football players $300 dollars per game out of the coaches pocket might be a way for schools to avoid title IX. It definitely wouldn't go over well but at $300 dollars a head, with how much college coaches make a year, it's nothing.

Can you name the NCAA FBS (Div. I-A) Football Team Nicknames? | Online Games & Trivia by Sporcle
Here's some fun for you all. Name all 120 FBS nicknames in under 12 minutes. It's harder than it sounds! I got 114/120 and embarrassingly missed Wisconsin, Tex-AM, Ole Miss, and Oregon State among others. Can you do it?