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June 3rd Jump Off

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Bearcat News

Mick Cronin sets his sights at Cincinnati on Bearcats' defense -
I hate linking to Bill Koch articles because 99.9% of the time they are as worthless as the shit I have to pick up when I walk my dog in the morning. But, he does have a solid one here. The article was original posted in the Enquirer but because I also hate that newspaper, I'm going to link to USA Today. Why? Because it's my post. So there. Anyways, Cash is going to be key next season for the Bearcats, and a lot of his performance will depend on the health of his knee. It will always be a nagging injury for him and the only way to keep that knee healthy is to give him rest. That is why it is so important to give GeLawn Guyn and Jeremiah Davis, his two most likely successors at PG, plenty of playing time against the South Central Nowheresville States next season. Cash should play no more than 15 minutes in those games so he can keep his knee healthy and Guyn/Davis can gain valuable experience to spell him once the Big East gauntlet rolls around.

Football's Matchup With Tennessee To Be Televised On ESPN2 - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Here's the good news- UC's game at Tennessee in September will be aired on ESPN 2. If you're like me and live outside of the Cincinnati TV market, you can watch the game there and not miss a beat. Here's the bad news- The game's at 3:30 in the afternoon, which means hot and humid weather for our Cats. If anyone remembers the Fresno St. game last year, that definitely wore on the team as the game progressed.


Cincinnati lands in-state commit
It's OT Kyle Williamson of Madeira. Love love love this pick up. He's been a heavy lean to Cincinnati and finally pulled the trigger on the Cats this morning. Big props, as always, to Bearcat Lair for reporting the story first. Those guys are always on top of it. Welcome to UC, Kyle. The offensive line could sure use you! - Suspense associated with Spencer
Andrew Force over on Rivals discusses the relationship Mason offensive lineman Joe Spencer and UC have had since his childhood. He was recently offered by Coach Jones and will camp at UC on June 19th. At 6'4" 270 lbs, Spencer projects to play either center or guard in college, both areas of great need at UC. Let's hope the staff can reel him in!

Around the BEast

TCU in the Big East - Big East Blog - ESPN
Can't look you straight in the face and not say that TCU will make a huge impact on the Big East in 2012 and beyond. Because of coaching consistency, huge support from the school, and their location in the Texas recruiting hot bed, every year Patterson can simply reload his gun with fresh talent and keep on shooting. There is no rebuilding for TCU anymore. However, when they join the Big East, I think they will realize how much of a grind an AQ conference is, especially when they're used to playing the likes of Wyoming and New Mexico every year. Generally, players are faster, stronger, and bigger top-to-bottom in AQ conferences so breezing through an AQ schedule isn't so easy. Don't get me wrong, TCU is going to be in the top half of the conference when they join, but going undefeated in the Big East will be very difficult to achieve.

Jurich fogs Big East expansion picture : U of L Card Game
While I agree that with a financial plan in place, a larger on campus stadium, and a more loyal fanbase, Villanova can make the jump to the Big East. But, when Jurich said that "there's as strong argument that they could finish in the middle of the league right now", he lost me. Take UC and Rutgers, who were the bottomfeeders of the Big East in 2010. While Cincinnati's secondary looked like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off and Rutgers' offensive line was better off sitting on the bench, 9 out of 10 times both of those teams would obliterate Villanova, and the 10th game would just be slightly closer but with the same outcome.

West Virginia beer sale vote tomorrow - Big East Blog - ESPN
I love the idea of beer being sold at football games. Beer and football go hand in hand. That's why you see so many beer commercials during the Super Bowl- People who watch football also like to drink beer. I have to disagree with the argument that selling beer or allowing beer within stadiums will automatically make the fans more roudy. First of all, most fans are usually tipsy from tailgating. Secondly, regardless of how much security you have, alcohol will always be snuck into the stadium. Finally, it's not about the actual sale of the alcohol, it's the people themselves that should be monitored. It's the individual fan who decide to drink to much and make an ass out of himself/herself that ruins it for the rest of us who just like to sip on a few cold ones while watching the game.

Charlie Strong and Ohio State - Big East Blog - ESPN
Louisville fans can't be happy to see these rumors. In only one year at Louisville, Charlie Strong has become the best thing to Louisville football since Bobby Petrino. He's still very inexperienced for a head coach but has done a great job with the Cardinals in his short time there. That being said, I don't think he's had a long enough tenure as a head coach to warrant a move to another school. I think in Year 3 or 4 he'll start getting a lot of attention, though.

Around the Nation

University of Central Arkansas Bears Install Purple and Gray Football Field (Photos) -
I love the smurf turf at Boise St, the bright red at Eastern Washington, and the proposed purple at LSU, but what UCA did is just ugly. I get that their school colors are purple and gray, but the idea of installing these gimmicky fields is to brighten up the field, not ruin it by making it the bland color of gray. Fail.

Source: NCAA interviews Ohio State Buckeyes' Terrelle Pryor, mother Thomasina on use of loaner cars - ESPN
Yea, not buying it Larry. Any of it.