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Pre Season Big East Poll and News

The Big East Media Days are taking place in Newport, Rhode Island this week. The biggest news is that the Big East is now catering policy to match the desires of gamblers across the nation by issuing weekly injury reports. Well that and the announcement of the pre season media poll which is as follows.

1. Pittsburgh (22 first-place votes) 190
2. Cincinnati 142
West Virginia (1) 142
4. Connecticut (1) 131
5. Rutgers 99
6. USF 79
7. Syracuse 41
8. Louisville 40

Not a very surprising outcome. Is it a touch disrespectful to discount the two time champions of the league by voting them second? Yes. Sure, if you want to take it that way. But the thing of it is that on paper that is probably where UC should be. I would predict UC to finish between 4th and 2nd before I would predict a treble of Big East crowns, but that is just me.

Anyway my posts this week will be a touch sporadic on account of having to move, which will eat up most of my time this week. I will be back in full effect Monday when I will begin to wrap up my series looking at UC's opponents. Hopefully before the team heads off to higher ground next week.