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Check Out The New Layout on Down The Drive

OK so nothing has drastically changed to the site. It looks exactly the same. We here at Down The Drive have made some adjustments to things. For a start check out the Nippert Stadium Ring of Honor side bar. I, presumably you as well, was curious as to just who these mysteriously enshrined individuals are and what they did that was so noteworthy. And it doesn't help that the webpage for the Ring of Honor is pitiful. So I broke out Bearcats Rising and some old media guides and did some digging and created a page for all of them. So if you want to know just what Greg Cook did as a Bearcat you can just click on his name and find out for yourself. I did kind of the same thing with the Football recruiting stuff as well. Each of the Bearcats 9 (as of writing this) commits now has their own page which well be updated with stats and results as they all begin their senior seasons. Same principal as the Ring of Honor. If you want to see more information on Dieonte Buckley for example just click on his picture and it will take you here. Eventually I will replace all the sidebars with similar arrangements, but that will be later. This in and of itself was a pain considering that as of Friday afternoon by experience with HTML was naught and I learned as I went. Anywyas, explore the new pages and enjoy.