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Isaiah Pead Named To Doak Walker Watchlist

Cincinnati's own Isaiah Pead has been named to the Doak Walker watch list. I think that deep down we all know that these things are a little bit ridiculous. Not so much the awards, but the watch lists. Though if you want to argue that individual awards are self serving, overly politicized and rarely stray beyond the media created lines of the expected you won't get a vociferous objection from me. Still, Mr. Pead is being recognized for what he is, namely one of the 10 or so best backs in the country. I think that he is in for a big season this year.

I think that we all know, or should know by this point that this offense will go as Isaiah Pead will go. He is the most consistently explosive player on the team and the offense should run through him. If the offensive line comes together 1,500 yards and 10+ TD's is not out of the question. And now a refresher course on Mr. Pead after the jump.


Isaiah Pead: The Wonderman (via mopper309)

Isaiah Pead - Remember his name (via cinbinsportsfan)


The Best Run That Never Was.mpg (via mopper309)

And no, we here at Down The Drive had no problem pimping our own work.